Aluminium Can & Plastic PET Bottle Recycling

Here at Paper Mountain we specialise in providing your business with the best recycling solutions for Aluminium cans and plastic PET bottles in the UK. Our extensive knowledge of Aluminium can and plastic bottle recycling makes us a market leader in the industry. But most importantly helping you to recycle allows us to help our planet. 

Paper Mountain Recycling Services cater for businesses and public sector workplaces. We work with an extensive variety of businesses in and around Hampshire. We offer solutions for the collection and segregation of aluminium drinks cans and plastic PET bottles. Providing your business with an easy process for recycling used beverage cans (UBC) and more importantly ensuring these aluminium cans and plastic PET bottles aren't sent to landfill. 


PET bottles are typically used to hold fizzy drinks and water, and as such are classed as single-use plastics. We have recently launched our plastic bottle recycling service here at Paper Mountain which is proving to be very popular across Hampshire. 


Our process is simple and you would benefit from the following :




                           Scheduled or On-Demand Collections   -   No Waste Transfer Note fees

    Huge selection of Drinks Bins available for your site  -   We keep records for your audits for 2 years

   Tracked vehicles to ensure collections are on time      -   We can also collect Bales with a moffat


                                                            Free site surveys for all new customers


Paper Mountain operate its very own state of the art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Hampshire for your waste cans and plastic bottles. At our MRF in Gosport the cans and bottles are sorted - removing any potentially unrecyclable materials and contaminants. The cans and plastic bottles are then processed ready for onward shipment to be made into new cans and bottles. At Paper Mountain Ltd our services are fully audited and accountable.

       We have various recycling bins to choose from

We supply a variety of different sizes to suit your volumes and site space. We offer free site surveys this ensures that our service is tailored to your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, punctuality and attention to detail. Why not contact us today for a comparison quote with your current service provider - we are positive you'll be happy you did!

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