Collectors Wanted - Cardboard, Paper & Plastic...

Our Promise  -  15 Minute turn-around of your vehicle, NO MORE WAITING TO BE OFF-LOADED !


Cardboard Collectors Manchester

Demand for Paper and Cardboard is high and prices are great at present.


Cardboard Collectors Manchester

Paper Mountain are looking for keen collectors with vans to deliver Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Film to us, in return we offer Best Prices and support to get you earning from recycling.


Cardboard Collectors Manchester

You could earn up £1000.00 per week, working for yourself, managing your own time and working the hours you choose.


Cardboard Collectors Manchester

We have lots of successful collectors working in and around Hampshire and are looking for more.


Cardboard Collectors Manchester

We accept all types of Cardboard, Paper and Plastic Film such as pallet wrap and we pay direct into your bank account every week.


Cardboard Collectors Manchester

It is easy to get started, call Paper Mountain Recycling on 0845 601 0613.


We welcome all trades to deliver into our site loacted on the A32 Gosport to Fareham road, with our new weighbridge we can easily establish how much you have delivered for your records, for our trade partners we can arrange for instant cash payments or account facilities for your materials.


                                          WE ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS AT OUR PLANT.


Cardboard (Loose or Baled)

Paper (Any grade)

Paper Reels (Any Grade)

Soft Plastics (Films and Pallet Wrap) 


                                            Why not stop by and set-up an account with us and use us as your drop off point for all of your recyclables.

                                             And remember we know how busy you are so we PROMISE to turn your vehicle around within 15 minutes of arrival !

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