How can we reduce your carbon footprint ?.

With our dynamic vehicle tracking, our collections are on time and with minimal wasted traveling for our fleet.

                                OUR SYSTEM

Our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system ensures that not only we know where are vehicles are at all times but enables us to route the vehicle in the quickest way possible, this live system monitors traffic and congestion real time so re-routing of our fleet can be done at the touch of a button. This system is part of every Paper Mountain vehicle and has proved its worth over and over, in both fuel reduction and pollution reduction as well as ensuring our vehicles are on time everytime, dont choose a recycler that has trucks sat in traffic, choose a smart recycler and reduce the carbon footprint of your collection !

                     WE DONT DO TRAFFIC JAMS !

Our vehcile track system immediately re-routes are trucks if it detects heavy traffic or an accident, in the last 12 months we have seen a 4% drop in fuel usage and maintained scheduled collections and agreed timed collections. It may sound like its none of your business if your recycler gets stuck in traffic but it all adds to the very thing us that recycle are trying to do, make our environment better and cleaner. 


Our fleet controllers are what makes our system work so well, they can message the drivers direct to the display screen in the vehicle with information on re-routing and collection / unloading details, one benefit we have found is last minute collection requests from our customers, fleet controller David explains "In the past if a customer called with a last minute collection request we would call all our drivers and try to find if they were in the area and had space onboard to load extra materials, it was a headache, now we can pin point a trucks location, re-route it to the new collections, mesage the driver with the details and even tell the customer when they will arrive, and the best bit is that it enables us to pick the closest vehicle which saves fuel and time, its perfect for our service".


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