Material Brokerage.

We buy baled material from recyclers all over the uk !

Paper Mountain have for many years been a major exporter / broker of recycled materials to and from the UK. we are ideally placed close to major exporting ports on the south coast to export materials all over the world wherever the demand is present.

This strength enables us to pursue our ambitions to ensure less material is wasted and more is recycled, furthermore it means that if you become a trade partner of Paper Mountain we could offer you substantially better returns for your baled materials than you currently enjoy.

We currently buy the following materials :


Papers ( All Grades)

Plastic Films

Polycup SBS PET Coated


Overprint News and Magazines

Sorted Office Waste





With nationwide logistics, flexible brokerage terms and a worldwide marketplace we are sure you will like the rebates we can offer you and in many cases you don’t need to store many bales before we can collect alternatively a drop in service is available for any volumes.


It is good to see how many of the uk industries take recycling serious now, not only for the good of our planet but as more and more companies realise that much of their waste stream has a residual value, especially when processed / baled.

As such we work with 1000’s of uk companies ensuring that not only they get a fair return for their material but that it is all recycled and managed within our reliable brokerage system.

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