ExtraNation is Hampshire's Largest Registered Waste Tyre Collector and Processor

A part of Recycling Group Paper Mountain Ltd.


Use - Re-use

A Global problem Solved Locally

We all know how very expensive tyres can be but did you know how damaging your old tyres are to the environment if not recycled correctly? Here at ExtraNation we collect, process and recycle tyres all over the UK and of  course we are fully Environment Agency compliant. 

Working with the Tyre Fitters

We work very closely with our many clients to ensure they are storing the scrap tyres safely and in line with UK regulations whilst being kind to the environment, storage of waste tyres if not done correctly can be a fire pollution disaster waiting to happen !

Collected,  Baled and ready to Ship

We sort and bale thousands of tyres daily and prepare them ready for shipment to the rubber industry all over the world, these are recycled back into lots of different products and avoid landfill or being burned, a huge help in the fight to become greener.

Global Shipping Experts

We have been shipping all types of recyclables all over the world for many years now and tyres are no different, we only trade with responsible, audited and licensed facilities to ensure peace of mind for our clients and ultimately the primary user. 

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